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تحفيز الطلاب المتميزين بالصف الأول المتوسط
تحفيز الطلاب المتميزين في التربية الفنية و التلوين
برنامج التوعية بأخطار كورونا الجديد
رحلة ترفيهية للطلاب لصالة ألععاب ( جمب أب ) JUMP UP
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Our schools have taken the lead in implementing the first integrated e-learning system on mobile for school and student employees and the guardian. The mobile application achieves excellent services that ensure continuous communication with parents and students through notices, which apply in more than 15 services including absence, delay, behavioral violations, For students, parents and students, the application is available for both Android (iOS) versions and download it now from the following links:

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